History of ODSVRA

Early history via Edward Bellamy:
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This history of Pismo-Oceano Dunes takes a historical perspective, starting as far back as I can find history on, and is broken up into relevant periods. The uses of the dunes have changed drastically in some parts, but remain the same in other parts.


The dunes were inhabited by local Chumash Indians long before Europeans arrived.  In the dunes area now, there is evidence of Chumash presence in the form of “Middens,” which are no more than old trash dumps piled high with clam and shellfish shells.  It’s amazing how one civilization’s trash becomes another’s treasure. 

After the Europeans arrived and chased the natives out of the area, “Pizmo,” as it was called back then, became a playground for the new residents of California. 

It was one of the very few places where the beach was flat and hard enough to get a horse and buggy along the seashore.  Most other beaches are too soft and steep to safely take a wheeled vehicle anywhere close to the water’s edge.  But the flat sands of Pizmo were great for family outings, because the whole family could pile into the wagon and go to the water. 

Below is a photo, from the early 1900’s, of a family on such an outing.  Ladies didn’t generally ride horses back then, so they would either have to walk across the soft sand dunes, or ride in a buggy to the seashore.

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