What Changed and When?

History via Edward Bellamy:
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60s-80s were the years the access was nearly unlimited

In 1982, everything changed. ATV’s had become wildly popular, and people were riding them all over the place. Just in the San Luis Obispo-Santa Barbara County area, you could ride at the Morro Bay Sand Spit, Pismo Beach from as far north as you could go, all the way to Devil’s Slide in the south.


In 1982, acting from pressure exerted by environmental groups such as the Sierra Club, California State Parks fenced off the portion they had purchased from PG&E, and made the Pismo Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area, the very first official vehicular recreation area in the State of California.  State Parks owns 3,600 acres of land at this park, and has erected fencing all around the park to keep off-roaders limited to a 1,500 acre area.  A few years ago, the park was renamed Oceano Dunes SVRA, because of its proximity to the town of Oceano.  Pismo is actually a few miles north of where vehicles are now allowed to drive.


Below is an official map of the area, provided by State Parks.

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